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Adhesive killing mosquito lamp has been widely Jan 22, 2017

Sticky catch mosquito lamp has been widely used in food processing plants, pharmaceutical plants, hotels, community gardens, supermarket, restaurant, leisure club, Office and home entertainment venues. As with traditional pest control lights, adhesive killing mosquito lamp with unique wavelength lights attract insects close, but kill the adhesive tape is used instead of the high-voltage electric shock method.
-Adhesive killing mosquito lamp is its environmentally-friendly design: 1, no bad smell burnt 2, no sound and shock sparks; 3, insects, no environmental pollution caused by electrical breakdown and scattered; 4, no high-voltage power grids, safe to use.
In addition, you should regularly clean dust on the light tube, using a small brush to clean the grid. Mosquito residue when cleaning, you must cut off the power supply fault after using a screwdriver. Airflow mosquito lamp cleaning you can remove the cover, but everywhere there is power should not be splashed into the water. One final note is that direct electronic insect killers should avoid strong light.