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Advantage LED grille lights Jan 22, 2017

1, energy saving: the same power LED lamp consumes only 10% of the incandescent light bulb, energy saving than the fluorescent lamp.
2, long service life: 50,000 hour LED lamp bead's work, is longer than fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
3, adjustable light: incandescent dimmers have been against the previous, when Dim incandescent light is red; rarely seen fluorescent lamp adjustment Light, which is dimming technology is not the main reason for many years; a dimming of LED technology development product, and whether it is light or is
Dark light are of the same color (color temperature constant), which was superior to the incandescent dimmer.
4, frequent switches: the life of LED is lit when the even switch every second thousands of
Does not affect the LED life, pretending
Such as frequently on or off, LED lighting has the absolute advantage.
5, rich in color: white, warm white, red, green, blue and other colors, whether it is next to the headlamps used for decoration in the living room
Fairy Lights neon, are very bright.
6, low heat: like spotlights, many 220V spotlights a few days break down because of heat. 12V halogen lamp heating
Although lower than 220V lamp, but due to lack of power distribution transformers and other reasons, its not up to the nominal value. By shooting LED
Lamp without transformer can also work long hours.