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Anti-vulcanized LED, LED filament and outdoor indoor application solutions Nov 02, 2017

Anti-vulcanized LED, LED filament and outdoor indoor application solutions

  By the China Lighting Association sponsored the "China Optoelectronic Devices Technology and Market Trends Forum and China Photoelectric Optoelectronic Devices Special Committee of the first meeting." Published a lecture entitled "anti-sulfide LED, LED filament and outdoor indoor application solutions," the keynote speech


In the cost-driven mode, LED downstream applications continue to introduce new wattage higher, lower heat dissipation structure, lower cost of light, lamps, heat treatment has brought great problems, but also to the LED lamp beads made more demanding The reliability requirements, especially in the anti-sulfide, anti-oxidation, anti-bromination.



 Through in-depth study of external materials on the LED invasion path, developed a unique and unique PPL technology, completely solve the LED device due to curing, oxidation, bromination caused by black problem, with higher reliability, reliability, and long life The




In addition, it introduces Loyallighting disruptive products - LED filament light source, it is completely different with the traditional LED light structure, with high luminous efficiency, long life, less heat, good performance, no aperture, no dark area, no glare, color Higher index advantage.