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Ceiling installation issues Jan 22, 2017

Prior to installation, we want to check the ceiling lamp, the appearance is intact, wires and connector are not fixed, to avoid the phenomenon of poor contact. Ceiling lamp using a screw cap, insulated shell is not damaged, otherwise they will be in danger of leakage. If ceiling is found defective, we should be able to be replaced, instead of being lazy.
Before installing the ceiling lamp embedded screws or expansion bolts. If we reserved are bolted, taking into account the specification and size of bolts, drill diameter and the bolts correspond to the specifications, and so on.
After the embedded screws, the number of bolts for fixing the lamp and lamp base number is the same, the diameter of the bolt and the base diameter of the hole is the same.
Ceiling cannot be installed on flammable materials, if installed on the inflammable material is likely to cause a fire if we want to install ceiling on the plate, you need to take some heat insulation measures, so as to effectively prevent fire.
Incandescent lamp ceiling lamp easy to heat, so the lamp cannot be attached to the ceiling lamp shade, lamp power cannot be too large, too high temperature, Ceiling lamps glass lampshades may break down, not only shorten the service life of the lamps, may also pose a danger threat to family life.