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Ceiling lamp purchase points Jan 22, 2017

Check the light source quality
Any lamps are is has three part constitute of: lamp body, and light and electrical, which most important of is light, because it is real can for everyone brings lighting effect of part, lamp body General are is decorative and auxiliary light of role, electrical is to light of stable glow, or to and light a moments started of voltage,, so for lamps for, light is most important of. Judge light mainly in the following indicators: luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering, the average life expectancy, efficiency, strobe.
Because most of the ceiling is white, we're in white, for example. Some procurement who in selected lamp of when will found how some ceiling lamp looks more bright, and some more dark does, some light color white, some purple or blue, this are is due to light of light effect different, and color temperature different caused of, some small manufacturers production of light was light effect is low, but to let customer looks more bright, on put color temperature do high, such looks more bright is. Actually not really, only the human eye optical illusion, so comparison of eye injuries, eye fatigue, long-term vision in this environment will get worse.
High color temperature of light look blue or purple, insiders knew the color temperature is wrong, but most buyers tend to see it, put together several ceiling lamps, contrast is not very obvious. Here to teach you a simple method just point a ceiling lamp, then stand under the light reading. If it looks clear, bright, it means the light source is better, high light efficiency. If unclear, fuzzy, not bright, it means it's not really high photosynthetic efficiency, just eyes optical illusion. To determine whether a color temperature of the light source is too high is also very simple to do, just put his hand next to the light source, look at Palm's color, red, it means that color temperature, color rendering. If Palm blue or purple, it means that color temperature is too high
Check the electrical quality
In addition to look at lighting effects, purchase should be turned on the light and look inside the light source and electrical appliances with CCC certification marks, solid wire clips, cabling is neatly, not cluttered, twine. Fluorescent light lamp ballast is required to light, ballasts can bring to light an instant start voltage and work voltage, ballast, directly determines the service life of the lamp and light efficiency.
Quality ceiling light through circuit design and selection of high quality electronic component production, heat is small, high power factor, while working with filter components, lower harmonic content, to electrical equipment without electromagnetic interference, high frequency design work, basic level without stroboscopic light source, protect consumers ' eyesight and health. Shoddy products in order to save production costs, outsourcing bad ballast Assembly production, quality cannot be guaranteed, the high failure rate, which may lead to fires and other safety problems.
Should also see whether the lights charged body exposed, light when the lamp is loaded, fingers should not be touched charged metal lamp. Ceiling lighting type of protection against electric shock can be divided into 0 classes, class I, class II and class III, class 0 luminaires is less secure, it is to rely on basic insulation as protection against electric shock, in case of insulation failure, it is easy to produce an electric shock hazard. I class lamps of anti-shock protection not only relies on basic insulation, and also including additional of security, that put easy hit conductive parts connection in grounding protection wire Shang, makes easy hit of conductive parts in basic insulation failure Shi not charged class lamps of grounding Terminal next has grounding symbol, should note of is, I class lamps of metal shell should effective grounding, if for lamp can hit ballast Shi, ballast also should effective grounding. Class II luminaire protection against electric shock not only basic insulation, but also has additional safety measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation if basic insulation failure, also can count on additional insulation protection. Class III lights against electric shock protection on power supply for safety extra low voltage and lighting does not produce higher safety extra low voltage voltage.
View the mask material
Seeing the ceiling inside, we'll take a look at the face. Manufacturer of ceiling lamp manufacturers on the market a lot, mask materials to each other are not the same, the most common acrylic face mask, plastic face mask and glass mask. Imported acrylic is best after two stretch mask, acrylic is a plastic, is characterized by soft, lightweight and translucent, and difficult to dye and does not react with heat and light yellow, its light transmittance customers are most concerned about.
In general plastic mask of light transmission up to 60%, while acrylic can reach more than 90%, and by the second stretched acrylic face mask light very uniform, cannot see light from the surface, plastic less glass would have been even worse, if the installation is not strong, fall will hit people. The highest price is the acrylic, 40W above 100, good brand retail sale to about 140. As long as 60, 70 per cent of plastic, good brand manufacturers are generally without this product, only small factories do, a lot of saliva, very low cost, poor heat resistance, easy to turn yellow. Cheaper glass was only small and remote areas in order to see the building materials market. Buy can hand mask and what do see softness, flexibility is good.
1. the luminous flux: as its name suggests, is luminous.
2. color temperature: is the temperature of light source color, what we usually call "yellow" and "white light". In the industry represented by numerical, yellow is the "3300k", white is "5300k", a kind of intermediate colors "3300k-5300k".
3. color: the color of the light on the real extent of reaction. Generally believed that sunlight and incandescent reaction to color is the best, most authentic, so give them a color is defined as 100, the General color rendering index above 80 is a better source, but ceiling lamps are not up to.
4. life expectancy: this and other products, the light source is talking about is the average life expectancy, which means a number of light sources and light, when 50% of light source failure time is the average life of these light sources. Ceiling lamps are guaranteed one year in General, in fact, life is much more than a year, you can rest assured that use.
5. light efficiency: this target is important, refers to different light sources at the same time, consume the same amount of electricity, how much light. That is as bright as the light, his loss of power may not be the same, high luminous efficiency of light than low luminous efficiency and more power.
6. strobe: the number of flashing light emitted per second, why some fluorescent lamps to feel at home in the Flash is actually bad electrical and cannot provide stable voltage because of him, more serious source strobe, strobe damage to eyesight.