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Grille lights edit Oct 27, 2017

Grille lights edit


[1] With the development of grille lights, according to the current needs of the decoration customers and designers can be divided into concealed suit with two styles. According to the reflector style is divided into type I and V type, different reflectors in the aesthetic and reflective effects are also greatly different, the general V-type cover (ST-A420 + V), then the aesthetic and reflective effect will be better than the type I Models, the price is not much difference. Distinguish between type I and V-type is also very easy, generally intuitive can distinguish, the specific reference to the left picture.

Name :Grille light; Grille lamp Type Lamp Light source Fluorescent tube type Mirror aluminum grille light, organic plate Grille light

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Define edits

A light fixture suitable for installation in a ceiling. Light source is generally fluorescent tube. Divided into embedded and ceiling.

Chassis using high-quality cold-rolled plate, the surface using phosphating spray process, anti-corrosion performance is good, easy to wear, fade. All plastic parts are made of flame retardant materials.

Category editing

Mirror aluminum grille light

Grille aluminum with mirror aluminum, deep arc design, reflective effect better.

Organic plate grille lights

Imported organic board material, good light transmission, uniform light and soft, fire performance, in line with environmental requirements.

Specification size editing

Specifications for grille lights

3 * 14W, 3 * 20W, 4 * 14W, 4 * 20W: 600 * 600mm

3 * 40W, 3 * 28W, 4 * 40W, 4 * 28W 600 * 1200mm

2x14w, 2x18w: 300 * 600mm;