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How to choose Factory high bay light Nov 13, 2017

How to choose high bay light 


Factory production workshop lighting which type of lighting used?

  A: The current factory production workshop lighting, the commonly used is the use of "mining lamp", used to call the factory lights. In accordance with the different lamps and lanterns, the current market is more commonly used are two categories, one is the traditional mining lamp, including high-pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp; another type of energy-saving mining lamp, including the lamp, LED lamp.

Lighting factory lighting in addition to using lighting and power-related, but also with what?

  A: In addition to using factory lighting illumination with the use of lighting and power related to the size, but also with the factory lighting design program of the cloth lighting program, cloth lighting program determines the number of factory lights installed. For example: a production workshop area of 500X10 meters, installed a lamp height of 8 meters, is the use of 200W Promise miner's lamp, cloth lights program the following two options:

Option One: 250W led highbay light, installation height of 8 meters, 250 lights installed, the production plant is expected to light illumination 215Lux;

Option Two: The 250W Promise miner's lamp, the installation height of 8 meters, 200 lights installed, the production plant is expected to illuminate 172Lux.

It can be seen from this example, the number of installed lights and factory lighting illumination is proportional to the relationship.

Degree and other conditions are in line with the requirements of the product.