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How to choose high bay light Nov 13, 2017

How to choose high bay light

product material

The use of high-strength die-cast aluminum housing, cast aluminum heat sink, high efficiency reflector, the external electrostatic spray, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, strong and durable.


led highbay light product features

1. Using LED flat integrated light source, small thermal resistance, low temperature rise, the lamp shell is part of the radiator, direct thermal conductivity.

2. led highbay lamp using a wide voltage design, voltage fluctuations in the total lamp body power basically unchanged, to avoid strobe, protect the stability of the use of lighting the environment.

3. Do not suck dust, no mosquitoes, eliminating the need to regularly clean the lamp body trouble.

4. Compared with the traditional halogen and high-pressure sodium lamp, using LED flat integrated light source pollution-free materials and infrared radiation to create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

5. Make full use of LED instantaneous start-up advantages, large-scale use of LED mining lamp at the moment to start lighting, improve work efficiency.

led high bay light Scope of application:

Mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel mills, shipyards, aircraft manufacturers, large machinery factories, metal workshop, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, car waiting rooms, trains Station waiting room and

Other places that require high spatial lighting.

LED mining lamp installation spacing is how much?

LED mining lamp 30W Recommended installation height: 3m Installation spacing: 10-15m

LED mining lamp 40W Recommended installation height: 4m Installation spacing: 15-20m

LED mining lamp 45W Recommended installation height: 5m Installation spacing: 15-18m

LED mining lamp 50W Recommended installation height: 6m Installation spacing: 18-22m

LED High Bay Light 55W Recommended Installation Height: 7m Installation Pitch: 20-23m

LED mining lamp 60W Recommended installation height: 8m Installation spacing: 23-25m


1.led high bay lamp and drive power must be installed in the open position, is conducive to heat dissipation

2. To regularly clean LED mining lamp and drive power dust to ensure good heat dissipation.

An interval of 4 to 6 meters can be, if you want to light some, press 4 meters that is 16 square per lamp, 80 * 100/16 = 500 lights if not too bright, press 6 meters which is 36 square each, 80 * 100/36 = 222 lights

Generally used in mines, warehouses and other places, that is, long-term need to light, the color index of less demanding places. Good definition of the manufacturer is not accurate, mainly to see you the positioning of the product price, good material, of course, will bring a good product quality assurance.

How to buy industrial cob led high bay light several ways

As an ordinary consumer, we choose the product may be more considering the price of the product, followed by the appearance of quality and so on, and sometimes the price exceeds the budget, will choose to give up the purchase of the product. However, the industrial choice of LED mining lamp manufacturers must put the price factor on the ease, not not pay attention to price, but the choice of higher cost products. How to choose a more suitable product for our needs? The following briefly describes the purchase method.

First, according to the actual needs of choice

Such as coal, petroleum, chemical and other industries to choose mining lamp not only to consider lighting needs can meet the requirements, but also dust, water and other factors, and even need to consider explosion-proof requirements. This has restricted our choice of LED lighting the first major requirements, the purchase of the general mining lamp, energy-saving can not meet the requirements, buy a lamp is more expensive with light; choose an ordinary aluminum led high bay light may be acceptable price, but The use of security is not guaranteed, the lamps replaced every three days, will give us a lot of work inconvenience, the general factory floor is relatively high, the replacement of lighting requires a professional escalator or lift, which adds to our invisibility Input costs. Therefore, such enterprises choose lamps need to consider whether the product is in line with national quality standards, is not certified by explosion-proof and so on.

Second, consider a comprehensive cost-effective choice

Especially through the explosion-proof certification, military certification, quality system certification and other LED high bay light, because in the production and selection of materials will be strictly enforced national standards, will not cut corners with the poor means to reduce product costs, so The price may be higher than the average light. However, once invested in the purchase of high-quality products, the use of not only saves on electricity costs, but also saves the lamp second purchase, the cost of maintenance and replacement, the key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safety.

Third, the right power, illumination and color temperature

This point is particularly professional, aluminum led high bay lamp power according to the actual lighting area selection, high power will result in a waste of electricity resources, low power and can not meet the lighting needs; other lighting luminosity, color temperature and other conditions Very important, the production line requires high resolution, like the textile industry needs high-resolution lamps and lanterns, which we recommend using the color temperature of about 6000, illumination and other conditions are in line with the requirements of the product.