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LED grille installation issues Jan 22, 2017

Installation issues
1, in order to ensure the safe installation, repair, inspection lamps, please entrust the electrical professionals. Construction of non-professionals prone to danger;
Shown in 2, please don't install the lamp in place. This lamp is designed for ceiling mounting; 3, do not parallel with the dimmer used to avoid malfunction. Do not install over the heat and humid places
4, is greater than the given maximum power of the light source cannot be used, please refer to the product sticker on the power, no matter what the circumstances, lamps are not covered by insulating pad or similar materials;
5, to ensure that this product is 75mm around the vents, the lamp cannot violate any fire prevention regulations. Maintenance, installation, please cut off the power supply before replacing light source? sure light properly installed.
Installation instructions
1, and removed lamp disc Shang of grid gate reflective cover, note take grid gate reflective cover Shi light took light, don't scraping injury, will lamps ontology placed has reserved good of smallpox keel Shang? placed Shi Please note edges of location, let its lamps edges completely shelved keel article Shang, so as not to lamps dropped, note Dang lamps more heavy Shi, please with line silk will lamps lifting in ceiling Shang.
2, plug the power cord from the outlet hole penetration and correctly connected to the terminal block, note l identifies the line of fire, n identifies the zero line, identifies the grounding wire.
3, correctly mounted lights, loaded light source Please note source card inside the lamp holder slots, heard a pop sound, light sources and lamp copper contact is good.
4, grid reflector strap side strap hole plug in the lamp body, in order to facilitate subsequent replacement of light sources, grid reflector card inside the lamp body? attention of shrapnel with grid reflectors good contacts, so grid reflector fell off.
5, switch on lights, installation is complete.