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LED panel lamp life is really able to reach 50,000 hours? Oct 30, 2017

LED panel lamp life is really able to reach 50,000 hours?

Why do some LED panel lights use less than a year to break it? Many customers asked this question, Hua Hui lighting as LED panel lights manufacturers tell you: led theory can use 50000 hours, but some people use LED lamps half a year to a year is broken, it is only back What about it? LED panel lamp life is really able to reach 50,000 hours?


A long life of the lamp depends on the material used, small series for you to answer high-quality LED panel lights ,for example: smd  led panel light,about four common. In this chaotic LED lighting market needs to face your eyes, you can also understand how the LED panel lights produced?

First, the lamp bead high efficiency, a good lamp beads, the first choice of high-quality chip, high thermal conductivity of the bracket, low light failure of the phosphor glue, light through the packaging materials, etc., in order to package a good light Beads. Now the market with aluminum led panel light are generally in the 80-100lm / w, the highest in 120lm / w or so. The higher the luminous efficiency, the more energy converted to light, the lower the calorific value, the lower the calorific value of the natural light on the small, so LED panel lights do not just look at power, depends on its light effect.

Second, the high thermal conductivity of the circuit board, lamp beads welded on the aluminum-based circuit board, the chip's heat must be quickly through the copper foil, insulation, aluminum, shell, the speed of the process of transmission faster, The lower the temperature, the smaller the light failure. Here I want to say here the circuit board with the previous cooling components is not the same thing, here refers to the chip and the shell alone between the thermal device. This is mainly to solve the led panel lamp chip cooling problem.

Third, the shell with aluminum-based circuit boards, lamp beads in good contact, the shell material heat is better, in addition to achieve the full heat of the lamp beads need to distribute the volume and area, which is why the square led panel lamp will have a large metal package reasons.

Fourth, the constant current power supply to ensure that the lamp beads current stability, do not exceed the lamp bear the current.