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LED Underwater Lamp Installation method Nov 14, 2017

LED Underwater Lamp Installation method

LED underwater lamp is the use of LED technology production of underwater lights. Compared to the traditional underwater lamp, LED underwater lamp more energy-saving and environmental protection, and lighting changes varied, more decorative, is widely used in a variety of landscape lighting systems.

Safe installation of underwater lights should be done:

First: first for the lamp selection, to pay attention to the waterproof lamps, power supply voltage, single lamp power consumption; Second: The calculation of cable diameter: The general underwater lamp is the use of low-voltage safety voltage, this involves low voltage large current power supply will affect the line pressure drop, must first calculate each line at the end of the pressure drop, leaving good redundancy in advance;

Third: The underwater lamp power supply isolation transformer and leakage switch must be arranged outside the 2 area, in order to avoid an electric shock accident;

Four: Whether it is a Ming (stent-type underwater lamp) or installation (embedded underwater lamp) should be reserved 0.6-1 meters long cable line, in order to avoid the future lighting problems, you need to drop the water in the pool, so even if the lamp is broken, from the water can be referred to the surface of the lamp to change the wiring and wiring to do waterproof treatment;

Five: As for other wiring, wiring connectors to do waterproof, general water electrician, decoration Basic can be handled!

Some problems in the installation of LED underwater lights require special attention:

1, LED underwater light should be used DC constant current power supply. In the constant current power supply control, LED wall lamp, LED lights, LED underwater lights, led buried lights of the forward pressure drop with the LED chip temperature increases and smaller, such a situation for LED underwater lamp and not too big impact. But if the constant pressure drive will cause the LED underwater lamp chip as the temperature increases the current situation, the serious time may even burn the LED underwater lamp. Therefore, LED underwater lamp should be used DC constant current power supply.

2, need to do a good job in anti-static measures. LED underwater lamp products in the process of production and installation of a certain anti-static measures to be adopted, such as: worktable to ground, workers to wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring, and anti-static gloves, and so on, the conditions can be installed anti-static ion blower, but also to ensure that the air humidity installed at about 65%, Lest the air be too dry to produce static electricity. In addition, the different quality of the LED anti-static ability is not the same, high quality of the LED underwater lamp anti-static ability is stronger.

3, to pay attention to the seal of LED products. No matter what kind of LED lighting products, as long as the application of outdoor, are facing the problem of moisture-proof, sealing, the LED underwater light for the situation is more so. The sealing problem can directly affect the service life of the LED underwater lamp product