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Strip light with basic knowledge Oct 27, 2017

Strip light with basic knowledge

strip light is the assembly of the LED in the ribbon FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, because its product shape like a tape named after the same. Because the long life (generally normal life of 8 to 100,000 hours), and very energy efficient and green and gradually in a variety of decorative industries cut a striking figure.

Chinese name led lights with foreign language name LED Strip shape like a belt full name LED lights with

table of Contents

1 Introduction

2 classification

3 features

4 application installation

▪ Scope of application

▪ Installation method

5 Installation Guide

6 maintenance instructions

7 Troubleshooting

▪ Not cause

▪ How to identify quality

▪ Light with lighting attention

▪ Installation instructions

8 Advantages

9 life

10 lights with features

▪ Line design

▪ Production process

Introduction to editors

Light band, is the abbreviation of LED lights, most people say that the time is not accustomed to the term is too long, so the front of the LED to the omitted, and directly called the light belt. This light also contains the name of the previous large number of second line, third line, round line and so on directly with the wire to connect the LED instead of FPC or PCB old light belt, of course, also contains a flexible light and hard light belt.

LED Strip. This is the English name of the strip lightband. Strip in Yahoo translation is explained "strip", the interpretation of Google translation is "tart", but LED lights in the mouth of foreign customers is the term LED Strip

Flex LED Strip. This is the English name of a flexible strip lightband. Flex's interpretation in Google's translation is "flexible", and the interpretation of Yahoo's translation has become "conductive". But the foreign customers said Flex LED Strip is our domestic said that the flexible LED lights with.

strip lightBar. This is the English name of the strip lightbar. Light Bar's explanation in Yahoo translation is "light band", and the interpretation of Google's translation has become "view of the bar".

Classification editor

LED lights with a conventional section is divided into flexible LED lights and LED hard light bar two, but generally also includes the connection with LED wire of the old-fashioned light, such as flat three-wire 4.3W / m, flat four-wire 6.48W / m, flat five 8.64W / meter lights and so on.

1, flexible LED lights with FPC is to do assembly circuit board, with SMD LED assembly, the thickness of the product is only a coin thickness, no space; general specifications are 30cm long 18 LED, 24 LED and 50cm long 15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED and so on. There are 60cm, 80cm, etc., different users have different specifications. And can be arbitrarily cut, can also be arbitrarily extended and light is not affected. The FPC material is soft, can be bent, folded, winding, can be moved in three-dimensional space and telescopic and not broken. Suitable for irregular places and small space to use, but also because of its arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for any combination of advertising in a variety of decorative patterns.

2, LED hard light bar is to use PCB hard board assembly circuit board, LED useful patch LED assembly, but also useful in-line LED assembly, depending on the need for different components. The advantages of hard light bar is relatively easy to fix, processing and installation are more convenient; the disadvantage is not free to bend, not suitable for irregular places. 12 LED, 30 LED, 36 LED, 40 LED and so on a variety of specifications; with straight-through LED has 18, 24, 36, 48 And other different specifications, there are positive side, side light, also known as the Great Wall light bar.

Feature editing

LED lights with

LED lights with (7)

1, soft, can be any curl.

2, can be cut and extended.

3, light bulbs and passages are completely covered in the flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof function, the use of insurance.

4, strong weather resistance.

5, there is no easy to break, the use of long life.

6, easy to create graphics, text and other shapes; eyes have been widely used in the construction, bridges, pathways, gardens, courtyards, strata, lodging board, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater, posters, pink cards, signs Whitewash and illuminate.

Application installation editing

The scope of application

LED lights with, strip lightbar has been widely used in furniture, automobiles, advertising, lighting, ships, bars and other industries.

installation method

① four-line lamp bandwidth of about 22mm, thickness of about 8mm, weight about 0.25kg / m (4 meters a kilogram)

② four-line lights with a total of four wires, three rows of lights (note not four rows of lights Oh ~ ~), each row of 1 meter 24 lights, 24 * 3 = 72. For each lamp bead power is 0.05W, 72 beads light band power is: 72 * 0.05 = 3.6W.

③ every meter has a "scissors" mark, only in the mark to be cut, cut or cut the wrong will lead to one meter is not bright! Some will be marked by playing some of the mark, it is best to carefully look at the mark before the cut Position, according to the middle of the place can not be connected to cut. Look carefully to be able to see it.

④ Each lamp must be equipped with a special plug (plug with a transformer); connected to the transparent plastic cover must be removed, then a good test light and then cover. Must not be directly connected with a lid, so easy to short circuit!

⑤ light with the installation, the general placed in the lamp, put straight on



Yes, it can be fixed with a string or fine wire. For external or vertical equipment, the need for additional cards and tail plugs. The original clip is fully transparent, it is best to install the tail plug and plug at the waterproof glass glue, so waterproof better.

Special solderless quick connector to use, to the family to provide a personal installation, do not have a special tool such as iron, use the following

Not waterproof soft light bar quick connector instructions to use the map

A1 Figure: Connector for connecting the power strip to a soft light bar.

A2 Figure: Open a lock on one side of the product and fold the lid up.

A3 Figure: After the lid is opened, insert one end of the soft light strap into the connector, and then fold the fold back.

A4 Figure: Complete the connection.

Installation Guide Edit

1, indoor installation: LED lights with interior decoration, because do not have to withstand wind and rain, so the installation is very simple. To light rainbow electronic production of LED lights, for example, each LED lights are behind the paste are self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive, the installation can be directly peeled 3M double-sided adhesive surface of the stickers, and then fixed in the need for light Installation of the place, by hand like the flat. As for some places need a corner or how long do? Very simple, strip lightband is a group of three LEDs as a series of parallel connection of the circuit structure, every 3 LED can be cut off alone.

2, outdoor installation: outdoor installation will withstand wind and rain, if the use of 3M glue fixed, then a long time will cause 3M to reduce the adhesion caused by LED lights with the fall off, so the outdoor installation often used card slot fixed way. Need to cut and connect the place, methods and indoor installation, just need to be equipped with another waterproof glue to consolidate the connection point of the waterproof effect.

3, power connection method: LED lights with a general voltage of 12V DC, so the need to use the switching power supply, the size of the power according to the LED lights with the power and connection length to set. If you do not want each LED lights with a power supply to control, you can buy a relatively large power switching power supply to do the total power, and then all the LED lights with input power all the parallel (wire size is not enough, then can be extended) Unified by the total switching power supply. This advantage can be centralized control, inconvenient place is not able to achieve a single LED lights with the lighting effects and switch control, the specific use of which way can be measured by their own.

4, the controller connection: LED Happy Lights and RGB full-color light with the need to use the controller to achieve the effect of change, and the control of each controller is not the same distance, in general, the simple controller control distance of 10 to 15 meters, the remote control of the control distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can be controlled to 30 meters distance. If the LED lights with a long distance, and the controller can not control such a long light belt, then you need to use the power amplifier to tap.

5, pay attention to the connection distance LED lights: In general, 3528 series of LED lights with its connection distance of up to 20 meters, 5050 series of LED lights with the longest connection distance of 15 meters. If the distance beyond the connection, the strip lightis easy to heat, the use of the process will affect the LED lamp with the service life. Therefore, when the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers to install, should not let LED lights with overload operation.

Maintenance instructions editor

1, anti-static: As the LED is static and slow components, if the training LED lights with no anti-static measures, will burn the LED, the formation of waste. Where the need to pay attention to the electric iron is certainly to use anti-static soldering iron, simultaneous training personnel must also be anti-static measures (such as wearing static ring and anti-static glove, etc.).

2, continued low temperature: LED lights with two main groups made of body LED and FPC, are not able to continue the low temperature of the goods. FPC if the continuation of low temperature or is beyond the acceptance of its measurement, it will make the FPC cover film cracking, the formation of LED lamps with indirect scrap. Simultaneous, LED has not been able to continue to withstand low temperature, is under low temperature for a long time, the chip will be low temperature burned. Therefore, the training of LED lights with the adoption of the electric iron will certainly adopt the temperature control soldering iron, the measurement limit is within the scope of the time to stop the random changes and settings. In addition, even so, but also need to pay attention to the training when the soldering iron is not in the LED pin to stop the work beyond 10 seconds, if beyond a certain time, it is able to burn LED chip.

3, short circuit: a lot of LED lights with no light is due to a short circuit at the feet, is certainly before the training to investigate the real no bright reason. Otherwise, rush to change the LED is not bright after the call again when the chip will continue to form the short-circuit DC breakdown of the chip. Because, is changing the new LED in advance, will certainly have to find the real reason is not bright, some ability to do anything less.

Troubleshooting Editors

Not bright cause

1, LED flexible light with the packaging protection is imperfect, resulting in the transport process by the impact of the lamp beads damage.

2, LED flexible lamp with the welding point of the phenomenon of solder joint, the process of vibration caused by the fall off the solder joint caused by light with light.

3, LED flexible light with less solder, solder joints easy to fall off

4, LED flexible lamp with solder quality is not good, LED flexible lamp in the bending process of the solder joints are prone to crack, shedding phenomenon

5, LED flexible lamp with the installation of bending angle is too large, resulting in LED flexible light with solder joints and copper foil caused by separation

6, LED flexible light with the installation of excessive extrusion products, resulting in LED flexible light with a chip damaged or deformation of the solder joints and not bright

7, LED flexible lamp with circuit board solder mask layer is too thick, welding solder and circuit board can not be completely integrated together, but also a kind of solder joint phenomenon.

8, LED flexible lamp with the installation can not be twisted, if the distortion will cause the LED flexible light with the solder joint off and lead to light.

9, static burned, because the LED is static sensitive components, there is no good static protection measures, it will lead to chip burned.

How to identify quality

LED lights with the market varies greatly, regular manufacturers and cottage factory product prices vary widely. If from the professional and technical identification of LED lights with the quality, I am afraid that many customers do not have this ability. But we can from the simple appearance of the initial identification, the basic can be separated from the quality of good or bad.

Mainly from the following aspects to identify:

1, see solder joints. Formal LED lights with manufacturers of LED lights produced by the use of SMT chip technology, with solder paste and reflow production. Therefore, the LED lights on the solder joints are relatively smooth and the amount of solder will not be more, the solder joint was arc-like from the FPC pad to the LED electrode extension.

2, see FPC quality. FPC is divided into copper and rolled copper two, copper clad copper foil is protruding, look at the line from the pad and FPC to see the connection. And rolling copper is close and FPC as a whole, you can bend any bend without the phenomenon of falling off. If you bend over the copper plate will appear off the pad, the maintenance of high temperature will cause the pad off.

3, see the LED lights with the surface cleanliness. The use of SMT process production of LED lights with its surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. The use of hand-welding process to produce cottage version of LED lights with its surface no matter how cleaning, will remain stains and cleaning traces.

4, look at the packaging. Formal LED lights will be used anti-static coil tray packaging, 5 meters a volume or 10 meters a roll, packaging and then use anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags sealed. Cottage version of the LED lights with recycled coil, there is no anti-static moisture-proof packaging bags, carefully read the coil to see the appearance of the label to remove the traces and scratches left.

5, look at the label. Formal LED lights with packaging bags and coil above the plate will have printed labels, not print labels.

6, see annex. Regular LED lights will be attached to the inside of the box with instructions and lamp specifications, but also equipped with LED lights with a connector or a deck; and cottage version of the LED lights with boxes without these accessories, because Some manufacturers, after all, can save the province.

Light with lighting attention

1, the requirements of the brightness due to different occasions and different products on the LED brightness requirements are also different. Such as LED jewelry counter lamp if placed in some large shopping malls, we will have some high brightness attractive, but also the decorative role is also divided into LED lighting and LED colorful lights and other different products.

2, antistatic ability: anti-static ability anti-static ability LED, long life, but the price will be higher. Usually the antistatic is preferably above 700V.

3, the wavelength and color temperature consistent LED, the color will be consistent, this combination of large quantities of lamps is particularly important. Do not produce too much color in the same fixture.

4, the leakage current is the reverse of the LED current, we recommend the use of leakage current smaller LED products.

5, waterproof capacity, for outdoor and indoor LED lights are not the same requirements.

6, strip lightangle on the impact of great LED lamps, different requirements for different lamps, like LED fluorescent lamp we recommend the use of 140-170 degrees put. The other we are not here to explain in detail.

7, LED chip to determine the core quality of LED, LED chip brand a lot, there are foreign brands, but also China's Taiwan. Different brand price difference is also very far.

8, LED chip size also determines the LED quality and brightness, we also choose the time to try to choose a larger chip, but the price will be higher accordingly.

Installation instructions

First, the main structure and scope of application

strip lightbar shade with high thermal conductivity 6063 aluminum, the appearance of high-grade exquisite, light source using the United States imported Puri chip 5050 SMD LED. Applicable to jewelry, display counter, home villa lighting, shopping malls, hotels, office leisure places decorative lighting and other lighting places, is to replace the traditional fluorescent tube