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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spotlights Jan 21, 2017

1. Safety: solid state light source, no gas, no glass.
2. Long life: 580,000 hours.
3. High power small efficiency: generally below 3 w of power, photovoltaic conversion efficiency is high.
4. Rich colors: color variety. To meet a variety of color lighting.
5. Top: third-generation light source revolution, high scientific and technological content, flexibility, drive control easy.
6. Small size light weight: light emitting diode is a small light source.
7. Benefits environmental protection: abandoned devices have no heavy metal pollution, bad for the environment.
In the choice of lamps and lighting
Must be in moderation, especially lighting. Install lighting, light pollution, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect. And placed too much lighting, is likely to result in safety concerns, these lights may seem small, but they can accumulate a large quantity of heat in the small lamps, can produce high temperature for a short time, a long time cause a fire. In addition, the spotlights installed you can also rotate, the living room will have "Ballroom" tendency, it is too complicated, loses its warm atmosphere of shuya. Lighting is best installed near the entrance and the Interior of the junction, should use slightly stronger illumination of wall lamps, color white is better, a lot of spotlight is absolutely inappropriate.