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Chandeliers Can Beautify The Home Aug 09, 2017

Now, the market there have been many styles of chandeliers, there are luxurious, but also simple and stylish. But the fashion chandelier even more young people fascinated, because in combination with the chandelier, the interior decoration can not only achieve the beautiful effect, but also very practical.

Chandelier is a combination of contemporary elements, and the pursuit of simple, alternative and stylish chandeliers. It is generally used in the material are relatively strong sense of metal, Ceiling Light coupled with an alternative atmosphere of the glass. Mainly in white and metal-based, especially for the simple style of home decoration to decorate. His expression of this approach, by a lot of the pursuit of simplicity, Ceiling Light the pursuit of alternative consumers favor and like.

The role of chandelier is decorated interior, chandelier style directly affect the style of the house.

General chandeliers are divided into single chandelier and long chandelier two;

① single-headed chandeliers are mostly used in restaurants or kitchens, commonly used restaurant single-head chandelier installation height will be based on the size of the restaurant, Ceiling Light table height, room level and other factors to determine the restaurant single-head chandelier hanging height, Ceiling Light and restaurant single chandelier in the choice But also pay attention to the details, because the restaurant single-headed chandelier brightness directly affect the diner's vision and emotions;

② long chandelier is used for the living room, living room long chandelier selection will be based on the living room area and living room height to decide, if it is small apartment living room recommended to choose the ceiling, on the contrary is large large living room can choose a generous chandelier as the main body light.

Chandelier purchase Note:

1, chandelier installation height, Ceiling Light the lowest point should be not less than 2.2 meters from the ground;

2, chandelier hook is very important, must be able to withstand chandeliers 6 to 8 times the weight, Ceiling Light otherwise there will be chandeliers fall to the risk of people who hurt;

3, the height of the suspension, lampshade, light ball material and form should be carefully chosen to avoid causing uncomfortable glare;

4, the best choice for consumers to install energy-saving lamp source chandelier, do not choose a plating chandelier;

Summary: chandelier role is to decorate the interior, beautify the home, chandelier is the characteristics of compelling, in general, chandelier style will directly affect the style of the living room, so when buying chandeliers according to the size of the house to choose more Suitable for their own chandeliers.