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Chinese Lights Light Foreign Festival Chinese Led Lights Illuminate The World Oct 26, 2017

Chinese lights light "foreign festival" Chinese lights illuminate the world

In mid-October, lamps from ancient oriental China were splendid in Sydney in the southern hemisphere. Zigong from Sichuan, the traditional lanterns, across the sea, so that people of foreign countries to understand the light and shadow art of China, and whom amazed.


Not only traditional lamps, recently, foreign users in the social media upload a video, introduced a "cool" from China's products - 3D effect of the LED fan. Video one, that is attracted to many users have to inquire where to buy.


In fact, China's best-selling lamps have long been nothing new. In 2016, China's total output of LED lighting products amounted to nearly 10.6 billion US dollars, of which, LED bulb exports total ranked first, to 1.12 billion US dollars; followed by tube lights, exports 820 million US dollars; ranked third is the lamp Article total exports of 670 million US dollars. The latest statistics show that from January to August this year, China's total exports of LED lighting products amounted to 8.2 billion US dollars.


According to the statistics of China's cross-border electricity business sales of lamps, electricity on the platform of the sales of light categories, including spotlights, LED lights, downlights, chandeliers, mini stage lights, flashlights, lamps, spot lights, solar lights And lighting accessories.


With the previously mentioned LED fan is comparable to the ceiling fan "ceiling fan" (that is, "downlight") in foreign markets have a very strong demand. Behind the strong demand is a considerable profit. In an electric business platform, Guangdong Zhongshan Guzhen a ceiling fan sellers told reporters that in the cross-border electricity business platform, this lamp profit margins as high as 170% or more. "Just put the product up, the order came, it was incredible." The seller said. LED lights selling


Exudes the oriental light of the Chinese lights, which countries have been bought? Data show that China's largest manufacturers of lamps, including the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand, where Chinese chandeliers are more popular in the United States, US buyers account for almost all buyers half. Selling a single product for the LED lighting products. Data show that in foreign countries, the use of LED energy-saving lamps has become a trend. According to industry forecasts, 2017 China's LED bulb business profits have a more substantial level of profit this year, the export price of this category is expected to be higher than last year.


Interestingly, foreign buyers bought the Chinese LED lights, in addition to "law-abiding" traditional products, there are many "cool" new products. In addition to LED fan, LED light running shoes are also very popular. "Chinese products are full of imagination." A foreign user this evaluation. Foreigners love to use Chinese lamps


During the Spring Festival in 2017, the Earl Manor of London, England, was decorated like a fantastic paradise by the traditional lanterns from the ancient town of Zhongshan, China. It is understood that in London, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, this known as the "luxury audio-visual feast" of the lantern has become a "routine action."


In foreign countries, Chinese lighting is not only the Chinese festival, as well as Christmas, Halloween and so their own "foreign festival". Some people jokingly said: If there is no Chinese lamps, the American Christmas tree will not light up. Inexpensive Chinese lamps, not only decorate the festivals of foreigners, but also allow them to "cheaper". Data show that last year the United States Halloween consumption of 9.1 billion US dollars, all bought all made in China, many of them Chinese lights.


Halloween approaching, the reporter saw a number of supermarkets in Beijing, plastic pumpkin lights, lanterns and other lighting products have been shelves. In a supermarket, a consumer who is buying pumpkin lights for children to see the product label, told reporters: "This is Yiwu production, last year our family in New York Halloween. New York has a shop, on the eve of Halloween Shop, open a month to close. Hao is no exaggeration to say that all the things that are selling we are made in China.When I bought a few pumpkin lights is Yiwu production, so in the country and see the new Yiwu pumpkin lights, Feeling is also very exciting, wonderful.