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Classification Of Lighting Jan 21, 2017

1. Irradiation under lights. Can be mounted on the roof, above the bed, locker, can also be hung, floor, loft, divided into Tibet and Tibetan half two types. Exposure characteristics of the lamp is under light irradiation and free scattering from the top down, light is closed within the shade, its tubular shape, telescopic, flower pots, such as concave trough and shine under the lights, can be mounted on the front porch, living room, bedroom, etc.
2. Track lights. Are sprayed with metallic or ceramic materials, white, beige, light grey, gold, silver, black and other colors; featured long, rounded, sizes vary in size. Spotlights cast beam, focused on a painting, a sculpture, a potted plant, a piece of fine furnishings and so on, can also be shone on the room master's chair back, creating a rich and singular charm of light and shadow effects. Can be used in the living room, porch or bedroom, study. May have one or more lights, spotlights shapes and colors, harmonized unity room as closely as possible the overall design. 15~30 cm under the rails mounted on the ceiling can also be mounted on the roof one corner against the wall.
3. cold light lighting
Cold light lamp features:
A) cold, not as goods produced by thermal radiation, ensure that commodities are not heat damage.
B) anti-glare light, lamps with light projection angle precision, without light pollution.
C) high luminous efficiency, energy-saving power.
D) long life, normal use within one year if not lit, free replacement lamp.
E), no strobe, the human eye does not produce fatigue.
F) color is good, can show the meticulous process of goods and real color.
G) exquisite style, low voltage power supply, safety and environmental protection.