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Corn Lamp Super Energy Saving Jun 21, 2017

Corn lamp is a kind of led lamp, because the maximum led angle of 120 degrees, taking into account the luminous uniform, specially designed into 360 degrees light, its shape as corn cob, especially called led corn lamp, light body compact, suitable for domestic commonly used (E27 lamp, B22 lamp), easy to install; style trendy, sophisticated technology, product serialization, give full play to the energy saving led light source, Corn Light does not produce any waste.

Corn lamp with efficient drive power, power efficiency of 95% or more, power factor: ≥ 0.98, constant current drive LED light source, the use of imported high-quality electronic components, so that the lamp stability is better, longer life, up to 50,000 hours.

Corn lamp material: high-grade glass shade; high-grade plastic material; imported LED patch, high lumen, high brightness.

Corn lamp for places: for all home, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, Corn Light high ceiling and other indoor lighting.


⊙ ultra-bright LED light source, low power consumption, long life

⊙ low-carbon environmental protection, super energy-saving, energy saving than ordinary lighting 80%

⊙ solid-state package, built-in drive controller, anti-UV, high temperature, Corn Light moisture waterproof

⊙ light effect rich colors, soft and pure, decorative effect, green

Corn lamp features:

Energy saving

2, long life (≥ 50000 hours of life).

3, the applicability of good, because a single LED small size, can be made into any shape.

4, the response time is short, is ns (nanoseconds) level of response time, and ordinary lighting is ms (milliseconds) level of response time.

5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, Corn Light waste easy to recover.

6, colorful, luminous color pure, narrow spectrum range, and through the red, green and blue three colors mixed into a colorful or white