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Development Of Health Industry Will Become A New Road For LED Lighting Oct 26, 2017

Development of health industry will become a new road for LED lighting

The health industry is a huge industry with huge market potential. With the national strategy "Healthy China 2030" the introduction of the outline of the plan, the health industry or will become a new growth point of China's economy. Health industry covers a wide range, for the LED industry is also involved in a wide range of applications.


At present, LED lighting industry has been from the light efficiency, energy and cost of the pursuit of rising to light quality, light health, light biosafety and light environment needs, health lighting industry is becoming a new growth point of China's lighting business development.


As a result, many companies began in this new outlet layout, many large enterprises competing to play a healthy lighting concept, the introduction of high-quality health lighting. Philips Lighting is committed to helping residents around the world enjoy a safe, healthy and happy working and living environment, through lighting means to optimize the user visual, psychological and physical aspects of the overall feelings. Huawei and Opu first joint smart table lamp, emphasizing its 3C security certification and photobiological safety certification dual professional recognition, no Blu-ray hazards, no video flash, the market can meet a few national standards GB / T9473 AA level illumination requirements table lamp.


As a leading mobile lighting business, Kang Ming-sheng has independent research and development, production and sales of the deep ability to green lighting for the development of responsibility, so that the health of light care of the user's physical and mental. Its heavy launch of intelligent table lamp combined with advanced light distribution technology, no flicker, no dazzling, no ghosting, according to the surrounding light changes, adjust the illumination, color temperature and color, so that it can always maintain the ideal lighting state, effective Protect students' eyesight.


Health lighting connotation and extension, industry re-examine the quality of lighting


With the study of the non-visual biological effects of light, it is found that the effect of light on human beings is not only about seeing the world so simple, but also affecting the physiological rhythm of mankind, lighting and health are closely related.


At present, health lighting has become more and more attention, the World Health Organization has made it clear that, in addition to water, air, noise, light and electromagnetic waves is also facing the new human health challenges. How to extract the objective measure of health comfort from the many subjective physiological reactions has become the most concern of the global lighting industry. With the gradual improvement of lighting technology, people began to re-examine and think about the definition of lighting quality.


Fudan University, Department of Light and Lighting Engineering Professor Lin Yan Dan pointed out: "The evaluation of the quality of the original visual effects from the original evaluation, and gradually over the visual effects and non-visual effects of the double evaluation, especially the latter is closely related with human health. Physiological rhythm and biological effects of the impact, but also to people to re - examine and think about the definition of lighting quality.


Lm / W170 (performance indicators); Lm / US $ 200 (market indicators), when the three indicators of the completion of the three indicators of LED lighting, the three indicators of the lighting time is CRI80 ~ 85 (visual indicators); Lm / , Energy saving will not be the focus of attention of users.


In addition, the national policy level began to pay attention to health lighting, the Ministry of Science and Technology as early as 2016 to build 12 leading enterprises began to health level health lighting project.


The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) issued a report entitled "Suggested use of light at the right time", pointing out that there are some "invisible" effects on the light that may have an impact on our biological clocks, alertness, sleep The CIE said that although the field of research is "immature", but "laboratory observations and application studies show that the appropriate light on human health and function useful." The current consensus is that the non-visual effect of light stimulation depends on the light spectrum, intensity, duration, time and time mode and other factors.