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Ikea, Its Furniture And Capillotractées Appellation, Is Launched Into A Connected Led Panel Light Device. Nov 12, 2017

Ikea, its furniture and capillotractées appellation, is launched into a connected lighting device.

The information comes directly from the edge of the site, which confirms that this new category of products uses standard zigbee-with a moderator especially in lighting and lighting connections to Philips tones. In fact, connecting through a bridge-or a smart hub or gateway-is connected to the home's Internet box via Ethernet. Then the bridge is connected through the ZigBee communication agreement with the LED bulb.

The LED bulb compatible and reject Ikea will of course be the LED bulb adjustable at three of the temperature for white: 2 of K, 2 $number K and 4 $number K, the autonomy is announced in 25 000 hours. In terms of format, there will be all flavors: E27, GU10, E14, or what answers the largest number. It seems that the colorful lighting is not interested in the Swedish Giants at present, users will have to meet with a few white temperatures to play with. Remote control must be through a dedicated application.

On the manufacturer's website, we can see that the Trådfri range is quite rich, including a LED panel , motion detectors, but also especially light doors that can be installed in some furniture manufacturers. From there the possibility is that many for the Swedish giants can take advantage of its modular solution, for very news-ikea-lumiere-connectee.jpgbright blows.

A small object has aroused all our attention, it is a yellow pebble, as the dark tone of light. Depending on the video below, this seems to be a simple hand rotation that can reduce the intensity of the illumination. The effect was quite bluff.

Currently, the TRÅDFRI system is available only on Swedish branded websites. The product will be available at the store on March 31. We must believe that all these products will arrive in France in the course of this year. And usually the Swedish giant's products, the price will be quite positive, and may be very competitive with the pioneer of the connection lighting has been established in our country good. The E27 bulb (980 lumens) is priced at $25 when GU10 and E14 are available for less than $20. At the same time, the market for this portal is only about $20. Packages consisting of bridges and two of light bulbs can reach less than US $90.