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Led Lamp Welding Method Jun 08, 2017

Led lamp in the welding process, do not exert any external pressure on the lamp body, or LED internal cracks may occur, led light this will affect the internal gold wire connection and lead to quality problems.

Colloids must not be immersed in solder.

Welding, the welding point from the colloid along at least 2 mm gap, welding is completed, it is necessary to use three minutes to let the LED from the high temperature state back to room temperature.

Such as soldering iron with the same PCB on the linear arrangement of the LED, do not simultaneously solder the same LED two pins.

led light Soldering iron soldering iron requires more than 30W.

Led lamp welding there are two specifications, the specific parameters are as follows:

Soldering iron soldering temperature: 295 ℃ ± 5 ℃ Welding time: within 3 seconds (only once)

Wave soldering temperature: 235 ℃ ± 5 ℃ Welding time: within 3 seconds

Note: improper welding temperature or time control may cause LED lens deformation or wick internal open lead to dead lights.

Recently, foreign designers on the ordinary LED lights have been greatly improved to create a very strange flat LED lights. Compared with ordinary lights, flat LED lights look very pull the wind, led light the designer will make it into a variety of shapes. Such as oval, long strip, umbrella and even animal shape.

Recently, there is news that LED lights will be included in the scope of PDA monitoring, this rule once implemented, means that LED lights or products will face double "checkpoints" that is, in the clearance, in addition to the need for customs, but also may need FDA Release.

LED lights are included in the FDA regulatory scope, the requirements for the export logistics industry will be more stringent. First of all, need to receive customer goods, find out the manufacturer, refused to receive irregular products. In addition, in the provision of customs clearance materials, LED lights need to be provided with the manufacturer information, including the manufacturer name, led light address and contact telephone to avoid delay in customs clearance.

In addition, this is included in the scope of supervision only involved LED lights themselves, do not involve the use of LED lights of goods, such as some do not have the LED lamp itself lamps. If you just use the LED lights but do not have the LED lights of the product, you need to clear in the customs clearance clearly marked. Insiders said that because this provision has just begun to implement, the next period of time I believe not yet check too strict. However, in the long run, it can not turn a blind eye, take it lightly.