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LED Lights Can Contrast The Warm Atmosphere Jul 28, 2017

LED lights are made of white high-brightness light-emitting diode lights.

The same brightness, LED and so very power, so energy (but it is two different things with ordinary energy)

LED, etc. can be used directly to the computer USB port power supply, so the common USB lamps are LED lights. With the LED light supply voltage is low, and energy saving, led light it is also commonly used battery-powered or made rechargeable lights. What are the main advantages of the lamp? *

Efficient energy-saving: the same brightness comparison, 3W LED energy-saving lamps 333 hours consumption of 1 kWh, and ordinary 60W incandescent 17 hours consumption of 1 kWh, ordinary 5W energy saving lamp 200 hours consumption of 1 kWh.

* Long life: semiconductor chip light, no filament, no glass bubble, led light not afraid of vibration, not broken, the service life of up to 50,000 hours, quite with 5 years and 8 months (ordinary incandescent lamp life is only one thousand hours, Ordinary energy-saving lamp life is only eight thousand hours)

* Health: light health light with ultraviolet and infrared less, led light resulting in less radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared)

* Green: mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, conducive to recycling, ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead and other elements.

* Protection of vision: DC drive, no flicker (ordinary lights are AC drive, it will inevitably produce strobe)

LED lights characteristics analysis

First, LED is the English light emitting diode (light-emitting diode) abbreviation, its basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, led light with silver glue or white plastic curing to the bracket, and then use a silver wire or gold wire to connect the chip and Circuit board, and then surrounded by epoxy resin seal, play a role in protecting the internal core, and finally install the shell. This is the led lights.

Second, led fluorescent to high quality, durable, energy saving as the main features, projection angle adjustment range, 15W brightness equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp. Anti-high temperature, led light moisture-proof waterproof, anti-leakage. The use of voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional glass or PC material. The lamp is the same as the ordinary fluorescent lamp. So this is the reason why many people choose led lights. Because now people will be more emphasis on energy conservation, then this energy-saving products will be better, led light so that we can save a lot of electricity consumption.

Third, Led lights will use the time compared to the long, so life will be relatively long, so we will save a lot of money. Of course, Led lights there are several colors, so that when we choose will be better, because each family decoration is not the same, then select the product will be different, led light and some families may like different Color, then we choose will be different. So a variety of colors will be different. So this is very good.

Because the LED lights without heat and ultraviolet and infrared radiation, will not damage exhibits or food. So it is usually used for museums, sales stations, West Point shops and so on. LED lights make items in the room look more clear, more charming. The bright color of the cake, of course, the effect of light.

LED lights can have a variety of different colors, so in the brilliant stage of course, its shadow. There are some restaurants to use some color lights hit the wall, can not contrast different atmosphere, you can also increase appetite and so on. Of course, there are some festive lights, but also for our festivals contrast to the warm atmosphere.