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LED Industry Depends On A Series Of Data To Tell You Recent Trends? Oct 26, 2017

LED industry depends on a series of data to tell you recent trends?

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Enterprise | a total investment of 25 million euros, OSRAM new plant put into operation

October 19, OSRAM opened in Bulgaria, the new plant has been officially put into operation. OSRAM's new facility is located in the heart of Bulgaria's ancient city of Plovdiv, located in the heart of Belgrade to Istanbul Railway, making it a direct access to the major gateway markets in Europe.

The products produced by the plant include LED light engine modules, traditional ballasts, LED drivers, sensors and lighting control systems, will be used in intelligent buildings, and for the European market. After a few months, the new plant will employ about 900 employees locally.

The new plant was groundbreaking in March 2016, with a total investment of about 25 million euros (equivalent to about RMB19.5 million). The factory is part of the OSRAM digital lighting system, which is responsible for the development, production and sale of electronic lighting accessories and systems, and is another component of OSRAM's digital strategy.

"We are pleased to announce the launch of Plovdiv's new plant, which will help OSRAM meet the growing demand for digital lighting solutions for smart buildings or smart cities," said Stefan Kampmann, CTO of OSRAM Lighting.

2.5 billion yuan, Hua Can photoelectric investment LED epitaxial chip project

Huacan photoelectric October 22 announcement that the wholly-owned subsidiary of China and Suzhou Zhangjiagang Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee signed a framework agreement, the company intends to invest in the development zone "Hua Can photoelectric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. LED Epitaxial wafer, chip four projects, "the project is expected to total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, will form an annual output of 9 million LED epitaxial wafers and different specifications of the LED chip production scale.

Subsidiaries will enjoy subsidies for fixed assets investment of not more than 400 million yuan, and in 2017 to 2021 to grant R & D funding and loan interest subsidies not more than 300 million yuan and other preferential policies.

100 million yuan, Hongli subsidiary plans to cast LED stent and optical lens production projects

Recently, Hongli Zhihui announced that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongguan City Friends of the Friends of Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Friends of the hardware") in order to expand the LED bracket, precision components of the scale of production, better for Jiangxi Hongli photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiangxi Hongli") LED packaging production base to provide raw materials supporting services, its plans to self-financing in Nanchang Lin Kong Economic Zone Management Committee Park, a total investment of not more than 100 million yuan to build LED stent and Optical lens production project. In addition, for the implementation of this project, Liangyou Hardware intends to register in Nanchang, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanchang Liangyou Hardware Products Co., Ltd. (tentative name, specific name to industrial and commercial registration) (hereinafter referred to as "project company"), for Follow-up investment management.

According to statistics, Liangyou Hardware was established in 2007, the main business areas include: research and development, production and sales: electronic products and accessories, precision molds. In addition, the project company's business scope: electronic products and accessories, precision molds research and development, production and sales.

Hongli said that through this investment, to expand Liangyou hardware LED bracket and precision components of the scale of production, so that Friends of the hardware to become China's leading LED bracket manufacturers, industry-leading precision components manufacturing company, better for Jiangxi Hong LED packaging production base to provide raw materials supporting services, is conducive to enhancing the company's profitability and core competitiveness.

Guoxing Photoelectric three quarters of revenue reached 2.582 billion yuan

October 23, the National Star photo released the third quarter of 2017 performance report, the report pointed out: the first three quarters of 2017, the company's overall performance is good, to achieve operating income of 2.582 billion yuan, an increase of 54.10%.

Major financial data and indicators for the third quarter of 2017

In the first three quarters of 2017, under the correct leadership of Rising Company and the board of directors of the Company, Guoxing Optoelectronics carried out the strategic plan of "high-tech, high-tech, large-scale production and large-scale production". According to the "climbing new peak" Management policy, continue to strengthen technological innovation, deepen the market development, enhance the internal fine management, over the completion of the stage task, and further strengthen the overall leading position.

The first three quarters, the company actively layout cutting-edge technology, launched infrared, UV, adjustable color temperature COB, automotive lighting devices and other new products, expanding the application of new sub-area LED applications, reserve a new performance growth point. New scientific research projects above the provincial level 11, 24 new patent applications, won the Provincial Science and Technology Department released the "2017 annual high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, the top 100 comprehensive innovation strength" title.

In the first three quarters, the company focused on the development of high-end products to lead the market, focusing on the promotion of small pitch, RS series display devices, RooStar series of white devices, panel lights and other core products, fully demonstrated the talent, technology, brand, Strong advantage, the international status of continuous improvement, the success of the first half of 2017 global LED packaging plant TOP10 (IHSMarkit).

With the company's product market share continues to improve, the company continued expansion. 2016 cumulative investment of 1.05 billion package expansion project has been fully realized mass production. 2017 first half of the year invested 200 million yuan expansion package, further consolidating the absolute leading market position. In addition, the company also expanded the upstream epitaxial chip project to more effectively support the company's packaging business development.

Market | 2017 global LED filament lamp market will reach 5.66 billion yuan

According to the latest survey results, 2017 global LED filament market is expected to reach 56.6 billion yuan (about 831 million US dollars), an increase of 95%; 2017 to 2022 CAGR will reach 47.7%.

The first half of 2017, the Chinese manufacturers LED light filament exports amounted to 15.73 million, exports amounted to 22.47 million US dollars; year on year increase of 353% and 330%.

At present, the main fluorescent lamp LED light flux of about 450lm, widely used in public places decorative lighting.

With the LED bulb prices continue to decline, such as Philips, OsramLicht and other lighting manufacturers are vigorously promote LED filament lamp. In the Chinese market, 3WLED filament lamp price of 28-30 yuan, than the price of 3WLED bulb much higher.

With the growth of LED filament demand, China's largest LED packaging and LED application products supplier Lin Linsen (MLS) has invested 1.287 billion yuan, plans to build in East China with an annual capacity of 229 million light bulb lamp production base.

2020 LED lighting system level will reach 200lm / W

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has released its annual Solid State Lighting (SSL) R & D program. This year, the plan is divided into two documents: "2017 recommendations research topic" and "2017 recommended study of a copy of the subject." The former briefly defines the specific areas where more research is needed in the solid-state lighting industry, which includes the US Department of Energy's prediction of efficacy and energy efficiency.

This is the second time that the US Department of Energy has changed the structure of R & D plans and reports. Since 2015, the agency has released its annual R & D program. Prior to this, the agency released a separate multi-year project plan (MYPP) and solid-state lighting manufacturing roadmap.

"2017 recommended a copy of the research project" based on the current path of solid-state lighting industry to predict energy conservation. According to the current industry path, the US Department of Energy said, LED transformation will be in 2015 to 2035 for the United States accumulated savings of 42quad energy. A quad is roughly equivalent to 293 watts or 1 trillion British thermal units. The US Department of Energy also said that if the industry can achieve the goal of the Department of Energy, the cumulative savings can reach 62quad, another 20quad enough for the United States 90% of households to provide electricity for one year.

The figure shows the LED package performance prediction. As with many "destructive innovations", the current performance of the color hybrid LED architecture is lower than the performance of the current mainstream pc-LED architecture, but in the next few years there will be a potential for leapfrog development. (Source: US Department of Energy)

2017 research project documents show that cool white and warm white phosphor conversion LED power gap is narrowing. US Department of Energy said that by 2020, the typical 218lm / W cold white performance in the packaging level difference will be 10lm / W. By 2025, the agency expects cold white performance will reach 240lm / W, and warm white LED only 3lm / W gap.

OLED industry news is not so good. US Department of Energy said, OLED industry in the laboratory outside the crack can not break 100lm / W. As early as 2014, the US Department of Energy has expected such a panel will now be widely used.

Research papers continue to say that the study of blue LED efficiency will continue to be the most important. In addition, the agency pointed out that green, red and amber LED improvements will also be crucial. The document further requires the down converter to make progress, such as phosphor.

The new plan also calls for progress in systems or fixtures. The agency expects that by 2020, the lamp at the system level will reach 200lm / W. In addition, the report also calls for new and novel designs. LED drivers or power supplies are also targeted at higher efficiency and longer life.