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LED Track Light, Also Called LED Track Lamp Jan 21, 2017

LED track light, also called LED track lamp. High quality led light source, spectral purity, color-rich, environmental protection and energy saving. Aluminium alloy shell with lightweight and simple, elegant high power transformer, with the perfect combination of luminaire, highlight its elegant properties.
Home Interior LED lighting to choose?
OFweek semiconductor lighting LED lighting has become the first choice for families to buy lamps, but there are too many inferior quality fake market excellent LED lighting, for how to choose the ideal LED lighting, many consumer problems. Here to introduce you to how to choose the ideal LED lighting.
First of all to consider the "simplicity" principle. Lighting should play a key role in the room. Styling that are too complex, too complex color, are not suitable for clean room.
Then choose easy-installed LED lighting, most of us have experienced embarrassing change ceiling lamp light bulb: step on the table, inspired by the Chair, head 90 degree, lifted his arms looked to 2.5 metres high and even higher ceilings. Must consider when choosing lamps replacement bulb handy. No room should be chosen chandelier, chandelier lamp less distance to the ground. Energy efficiency is also important, of course, idea is basically equipped with energy-saving LED lamps, energy-saving light bulbs to energy saving, good lighting, no heat, apply multiple lamps. Energy-saving light bulbs are standard screw, and two kinds of diameter chandelier, one is the standard, you can use the energy-saving light bulbs; one is standard, you cannot use energy-efficient light bulbs.
Also consider product safety a matter of principle, be sure to select the regular manufacturers of LED lighting. Formal products is the total load, based on the total load, you can determine how much wattage light bulbs to use, especially for long chandelier is most important, is the first x number of Watts per bulb = total load. Heavy frost, magistrates or waterproof luminaires.
Finally, coordination problems, lighting coordinated with the overall style of the room you want to, and lamps of the same room, should maintain coordination of color or style. Such as wooden walls, wooden cabinet, wooden top rectangular balcony, suitable for loading a rectangular wooden lamp. With a wrought-iron table glass dining table and chairs, metal pipe rectangular Hall suitable for loading a light rectangular chandelier of metal tubes. With gold door handles, Golden lamp bedroom suit with golden light. Learn to skillfully coordinated lighting match, make every home more cozy.