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Other Patent Luxrite Infringement LED Filament Bulbs Nov 14, 2017

Other patent Luxrite infringement LED filament bulbs

According to media reports, American businessmen All Star Lighting Supplies to Luxrite brand sales LED filament bulbs products, invasion more than crystal electricity U.S. patent, therefore has The New Jersey in The United States District Court (The United States District Court for The District of New Jersey) patent infringement lawsuits, and apply for a Court injunction issued by banning All Star Lighting Supplies continue to sell infringing products.

Complaint, points out that Luxrite brand filament bulbs more crystal electric, the United States patent infringement including but not limited to the following eight invention patents, respectively is the patent number 7355208 the nitride semiconductor element and its manufacturing method ", patent number 7489068 "light emitting device", patent number 7560738 "bond layer of light-emitting diodes array", patent number 8791467, the light-emitting diodes and its manufacturing method ", patent number 9065022 "light emitting device", patent number 9257604 "with a light on the surface of a graphical element", patent number 9488321 "is located in a transparent substrate of the lighting equipment of type inclined luminous element", patent number 9664340 "light emitting devices.