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Panel Lamp Illumination Uniformity Is Good Jul 28, 2017

Panel lights from the border and the bottom plate, light guide plate and diffuser plate, lamp beads and patch, aluminum plate, power lamp basic components, LED appears to break the traditional light source design methods and ideas, panel lights through the light guide plate through the light , Enough uniformity, soft light and bright and comfortable. Panel lamp use is also very wide, has been replaced by the trend of the grille, Panel Light the following small series to a brief introduction.

Panel lamp is a high-end indoor lighting, the outer frame by the anodized aluminum alloy, the light source for the LED, the entire design beautiful and simple lighting, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effects, but also bring the United States Feelings. Panel lamp design unique, light through the light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat light effect, illumination uniformity, light soft, comfortable and without losing the bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue. Panel lights can also prevent radiation, Panel Light will not stimulate pregnant women, the elderly, children's skin.

Panel light accessories

1. Panel light aluminum frame:

Is the main channel of LED cooling, the appearance of simple and generous, you can use ZY0907, the use of mold stamping die low cost, processing costs are low; die-cast aluminum frame IP level can be higher, Panel Light the surface texture is good, the overall appearance, but the early put mold costs Higher.

2.LED light source:

Usually LED lamp beads use 3528, it was also used 3014 and 5050.3014 and 5050 low cost, light effect slightly worse, the key is its light guide network design difficulties. 3528 luminous efficiency of high network point of good versatility.

3.LED light guide plate:

The side of the LED light through the network refraction to light from the front evenly derived, light guide plate is the key to the quality control panel lights. Network design is not good, see the overall light effect is very poor, the general will appear on both sides of the dark side of the dark, or there is light into the light band, or visible local dark area, Panel Light or there are different angles of brightness inconsistencies.

4.LED Diffusion Board:

The light guide plate light evenly derived, but also play a fuzzy dot role. Diffuse plate generally use the acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, almost the PS material, the lower the cost of acrylic and light transmission than the PC slightly higher, acrylic brittle anti-aging performance is weak, Panel Light PC price is slightly more expensive, but anti-aging performance Strong.

5. Reflective paper:

The light guide plate on the back of the remaining light reflected to improve the luminous efficiency, usually RW250.

6. Rear cover:

The main role is to seal the panel lights, Panel Light generally with 1060 aluminum, but also play a little heat dissipation.

7. Drive power:

There are two kinds of LED drive power, one is the use of constant current power supply, this mode is high efficiency, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; second is the use of constant pressure with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency,

8. Install the pendant:

Hanging wire, mounting bracket, etc. for the installation of fixed accessories.