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Panel Light Is Soft May 15, 2017

Panel light is similar to the LCD TV backlight technology, a new type of surface light source, is a high-end indoor lighting, Panel Light the outer frame by the aluminum alloy by anodized or aluminum die-casting made of light source for the SMD LED lamp beads, the entire lamp Design gives a beautiful and simple, both good lighting effects, but also give people the feeling of beauty. Panel lamp design unique, light through the light transmittance of the light guide plate after the formation of a uniform flat light effect, illumination uniformity, light soft, comfortable and without losing the bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.

From the green lighting design considerations, the panel light material environmental protection, power consumption, luminous Panel Light efficiency, lighting brightness and so on are better than the grille lights, truly daytime lights, night lighting. It is gradually replacing the T8 fluorescent lamp for the light source of the grille. As the traditional grille lamp light utilization is low, only about 65%, while the flat lamp utilization up to 90%.

The main components of the panel lamp structure

① frame: the main role from the heat, generally aluminum

② diffuse plate: cover debris, so that light is more uniform

③ light guide plate: change the light trajectory, so that evenly arranged

④ Reflective film: the light guide plate from the front of the light

⑤ bottom plate: auxiliary heat, cover foreign objects intrusion

⑥ PCBA: LED light board, panel light source

⑦ Power: Drive the tablet light

Panel lights are the majority of PS materials, there are a small amount of the use of other materials, PC prices are relatively expensive, come PMMA, then PS, and then PP, where the price difference there are 5-20 yuan range

Panel lights of the key technology

Optical properties (light distribution): panel optical properties mainly related to the photometric, spectral and Panel Light chromaticity and other aspects of the performance requirements. According to the latest industry standard "semiconductor light-emitting diode test method", there are emission peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature, color purity and main wavelength, Color rendering index and other parameters. Panel lights commonly used white LED, color temperature, color rendering index and illumination is particularly important, it is an important indicator of lighting and the effect of color, and color purity and the main wavelength is generally not required.

LED industry, the mainstream approach is to form a light source LED chip or light source module, made in the light when the light distribution, so the use of the original traditional light source approach, because the traditional light source is 360 ° light. If you want to light to the application side, the current Philips traditional lighting to do the best one, light loss also reached 40%. And our domestic LED downstream manufacturers of the application of optical parameters are actually the optical parameters of the chip or light source, rather than the overall light of the optical parameters of the parameters.

How to better improve the performance of light, the world's latest technology is in the chip package to do with the light, once the chip light guide out to maintain the maximum light output, so that the optical loss rate of only 5% -10%. With the continuous improvement of technology, light loss rate will be lower and lower, the light effect will be higher and higher. The same with such a light source lamps do not need to do with the light, the relative efficiency of the lamp will be greatly improved, making it more widely used to functional lighting, the formation of a considerable scale of the market channels. So a good LED supplier is our top priority, we do not need to spend a high cost to study our LED how to light as well, do not Panel Light need to spend a lot of time and experience to engineers to use software simulation, the easiest way is Let the LED white suppliers to match. To know that our engineers, such as using software to simulate, then the necessary action is the input and output. Input that is the early data import, the output is the simulation of the results, then the requirements of the previous data must be accurate back-end simulation can be correct.

Thermal performance (structure): lighting with LED luminous efficiency and power supply is one of the key LED industry, at the same time, LED PN junction temperature and shell cooling problem is particularly important. PN junction temperature and lamp body temperature difference is greater, then the greater the thermal resistance, followed by light can be converted into Panel Light heat consumed in vain, serious LED damage. A good structural engineer, not only to consider the structure of the lamp and LED thermal resistance, but also consider the shape of the lamp is reasonable, stylish, innovative, of course, reliability and maintainability and practicality, both standing on the designer The angle to think, but also stand in the user's point of view to consider the product.