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Panel Lights Are Used In High-end Markets May 10, 2017

Panel Light As a replacement for the grille, the panel light is perfectly blended with its façade and simpler appearance.

In many applications, the designer's play provides a broad and imaginative space, and its integration makes the scene more harmonious. 2015, the panel lights market prices encountered Waterloo, the price of civilians trend, so that its cost-effective highlights.

At the same time, panel lights also face many challenges.

One is the quality of the problem, high quality is built on the high cost, which is the early application of the main panel lights in the high-end market, cost compression is bound to lead to product quality decline; the second is the light guide plate problem, from the current mainstream panel lights Application of the situation, the use of side-way way, this light also produced a different from the ordinary lamp is another core components - light guide plate, its quality directly determines the performance of panel lights.

Panel lights have been slowly to the school and the various indoor lighting. Today let Xiaobian bring you together to uncover the veil of the panel lights, in-depth understanding of the next plate lights.

Someone predicted that the future of the lamp will be no specific shape, the future of the lamp will become part of the building, you can not easily identify at a glance. The panel lights, it was said that it is at this stage of lighting to this area into a major performance.

The panel lights are widely used in office, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, home and other places, as the LED era to Panel Light replace the traditional grid lamp the best of the best, the light is uniform and soft, comfort and other characteristics, is widely used in office, product.

Panel lamp structure, including the framework, diffusion plate, light guide plate, lamp beads, drive power, aluminum and other components.

An important part of the panel lights, the high strength of the frame makes the panel lights more durable. Panel light side of the frame using different materials, the cooling performance is not the same. According to statistics, the current panel Panel Light light frame material mainly aluminum, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum, steel and other materials.

The function of the light guide plate is to reflect the light parallel to the direction of the light transmission plate perpendicular to the direction of the light transmission plate, and by the reflective paper to reflect the light guide plate to the back of the panel light and then reflected out. In this process, but also as much as possible to reduce the light failure, in general, light guide plate light efficiency depends largely on the network design, followed by the choice of plate.

Panel lights have the advantages of light and adequate, cost control has the advantage, the disadvantage is that glare is inevitable, there are dark areas, light body heavy, easy to install the transport, and other advantages, Transport installation is relatively inconvenient.