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Panel Lights Have A High Price Jul 05, 2017

Panel lights, also known as flat lights, there are four forms of installation, we can choose according to different circumstances the most convenient installation method to see which way for you.

1 the first method commonly used office, is the most simple and most common installation method: first take a ceiling, the panel lights drive into the next to the ceiling, connect the power cord, and then put the panel lights can The.

2 The second method is to lift, to use hanging line. First, Panel Light the four hanging base fixed in the roof, and then put four hanging wire screwed into the panel lights, pull the steel plate to adjust the height of the panel can be.

3 The third is concealed. First with a pen to draw the panel to change the size of the inner edge of the box, and then use the knife to cut the knife, and then install the box to place the panel lights drive, and finally the lamp can be embedded in the conversion box.

4 The fourth way is to fit on the ceiling. First with a screw to the panel light conversion box fixed on the cement ceiling, and then connected to the LED driver, Panel Light and finally forced to press the panel lights into the conversion box can be

Panel lights with a drive, installation and attention to supporting the installation.

Product Features

Fully in line with the electrical safety standards for the isolation of the human body completely insulated

With a good sealing, insulation, dust, waterproof unique features, the panel translucent light is not dazzling, more than 20% Panel Light above the luminous luminous efficiency, luminous uniform no dark dead

Intelligent open open circuit, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, to ensure long-term stability of the current, to protect the LED chip from the current impact (here a Tuo want to explain the long life)

With a high price, high Oh, high Oh, high Oh, Panel Light the important thing to say a few times

Energy-saving lighting renovation project dedicated section, warranty for two years ~

Applicable to the office, conference rooms, high-end club corridors and so on energy-efficient lighting applications, direct replacement grille lights, then the power cord can

And the traditional fluorescent lamp or grille in the brightness and illuminability area of the case of comparison, saving rate of 75% or more

Product specifications

This flat-panel lamp is a white all-plastic design, straight light-type panel lights

Installation is divided into, flat or spring design