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Panel Lights To Buy Skills Jun 21, 2017

The use of panel lights and other lighting to replace the incandescent lamp is a trend, panel lights low prices for ordinary people, but also a good way to save electricity, but because there are fake and shoddy goods on the market, so in order to truly achieve " Both energy-saving and money "dream, it is best to let the experts teach you how to buy panel lights.

Panel lights low prices, due to environmental protection and energy saving and other product features, has been loved by consumers. To remind you: we buy and replace the panel lights, the following points need attention:

1 To understand the brand of panel lights. Try to choose well-known brands. Those large enterprises as a whole good quality, although the panel lights prices higher, Panel Light but both the safety project or performance have a certain quality assurance. Buy panel lights, you can not only consider the panel lights prices, ignore the quality;

2 to buy a "three packs" promise of the product, Panel Light this product panel lights more standardized price;

3 can use ordinary phosphor (halogen powder) or three primary colors phosphor can produce panel lights, with ordinary phosphor production panel lights, panel lights relatively cheap price, but this panel lights use a long time to dark; and The use of three primary colors phosphor panel lamp brightness and color are better, but relatively ordinary phosphor (halogen powder) panel lights expensive, Panel Light consumers can choose according to their own appropriate products.

4 to pay attention to see if the product logo is complete, regular panel lights products are generally registered trademarks, factory name, site, telephone, panel lights prices will be higher than the small factory production;

5 Note the logo. Panel lights low prices, consumers in the purchase of panel lights, see the packaging or description of the logo;

6 Do not buy low-priced panel lights products.

7 In fact, consumers in the purchase of panel lights, the easiest way is to compare the test, high-quality panel lights higher prices, the hair is completely like incandescent light, Panel Light giving a comfortable feeling, if the direct light will Feel garish. Inferior or counterfeit products do not have such a feature, the light made by a layer of gray, light color is not comfortable, this light irradiation, the color will be distorted, straightforward lights will not have a dazzling feeling.