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PHILIPS Launch A New Led Candle Bulb, Can Be Different Colors Based On Environment Or Music Mar 29, 2017

PHILIPS has launched a new led Hue E14 candle bulb on 18th March, there are two versions of the new candle bulb, white and colors. The series of PHILIPS Hue bulb gain the acceptance from the users no matter on the functions or the appearance. The new E14 candle bulb belongs to the warm light, therefore, they are more suitable to decorate the bedroom, lounge, kitchen and living room.


PHILIPS says that the E14 white candle bulb can greatly prompt the night sleep. But in the morning, the lights dim to be lighter in order to slightly wake up people. In addition, the Hue white atmosphere lamp and A19 bulb with the accessories just got the famous IF Product Design Award.