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Spotlight Can Contrast The Atmosphere May 15, 2017

Spotlight, is a high spotlight, lighting angle is generally less than 45 degrees. Spotlights generally with a bracket, you can rotate the direction of the lamp. Mainly the light of the spotlight projection to the need to emphasize the objects, used Spot Light to create a special lighting atmosphere. Spotlights do not live live lighting, mainly embellishment and create a light atmosphere.

Spotlight installation and selection and how to achieve the best lighting effects

1. On the choice: In general, the spotlight as a highly condensed lamp its main role is to highlight the object being illuminated. Such as paintings hanging on the wall, decorations, or some of the accessories in the space. Thereby causing the illuminated object to jump out of space to attract the viewer's attention. But also as a relatively strong visual guidance, such as the continuous arrangement of the spotlight vertical exposure to the ground, with a spot to create a channel in the corridor or no obvious separation of space to achieve the purpose of moving and space division.

2. on the installation: the characteristics of the spotlight destined to its light pollution or other lamps to be more serious, of course, you can choose anti-glare spotlights. But because the angle of the adjustable or how many people will Spot Light have a certain degree of discomfort to it. So as far as possible in the installation of the choice of vertical or angle facing the wall (non-glass partition) to achieve the object to be reflected in the irradiation.

3. on the toilet to install the spotlights: personally think that as a local lighting to create the atmosphere in addition to the spotlights should not be outside the space of people, the hidden lights with a good choice. In addition, when the light through the mirror to form a diffuse reflection and then illuminate the face, you will not want to look away, because you must be much beautiful than you. But the light source here should not choose spotlights, see the first two articles. In fact, the mirror lamp or the need to exist, in addition to auxiliary lighting, the choice of soft mirror lamp with the aforementioned main light source can see the face of the makeup can also make the skin look better.

Spotlight in the gypsum board ceiling to form a soft diffuse reflection, and then shines on the subject's face, the effect of basic and soft plate is the same.

Spotlights are generally used in the landscape or long corridor, used to contrast the atmosphere or divided areas

Spotlights have the following effects:

1. To provide key lighting, highlight the quality of the grade. Marble and high-grade ceramic basin lights to play are shining there is no, so playing a very significant grade there, and you have seen gold-plated faucet no, you have seen the Spot Light Presidential Suite tens of thousands of pieces of a hardware did not. People spend a lot of money, certainly to a good look at it.

2. Reflect the sense of spatial hierarchy. Light can reflect a sense of space, improve the space fun. Imagine a very uniform brightness of the office lighting and a clear distinction between the museum's lighting, it should be difficult to understand.

3. Divide the area. Toilet space is small, but also to divide out a few different areas of function, how do? With light to achieve.

4. Improve the front of the mirror illumination, user-friendly to see the details of the face.

So that these factors are considered a comprehensive program will be able to achieve the best lighting effects.

The subject said that she was shining. Because the light is very concentrated, and from the top of the vertical down to cause. To solve this problem you can:

1. Adjust the spotlight angle inward, so that the light through the wall reflection and then to the face.

2. Add vertical illumination. Install a mirror lamp, a wall lamp, or a light bulb around the mirror.