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Spotlight How To Distinguish Jan 21, 2017

1, seen from the light source lamp can be installed incandescent or install energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamp is yellow. Install energy-saving light bulb types can be either white or yellow. Lamp light direction is not adjustable.
2, from application where tube lamp was installed inside the ceiling, ceiling needs 120mm can wear.
Spotlights can be divided into rail-mounted, hanging type and embedded type and so on. Spot lights with transformers, but without transformer. Embedded lights can be mounted on the ceiling. Lights are mainly used for emphasis or show, TV wall, paintings, jewelry and so on, you can hit aura to enhance the effect.
3, seen from the price to the same level, spot lights are more expensive.
Lamp (5) (4) small (2.5-inch) three. Small price between 25-15, medium 28-32 Yuan, King between 36-48 between. Above prices do not include light sources, of course. Vertical and horizontal plug downlight into two horizontal thrust price costs little more than vertical interpolation (also if the same material).