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Spotlights Of The High Technological Content Oct 09, 2017

The use of spotlights like a flashlight, usually used for outdoor use. Indoor use also, because the variety is different, so the use is also different. Spotlights in the business license highlights the advantages of spotlights on the space, color, the actual situation are very strong and unique. It is the new trend, Spot Light compared with other lamps, there is a relative advantage. Whether it is heavy or light and understatement, without losing the elegant grace, gorgeous space fun and mood, and can often become new, always full of interest, relaxed and happy, beautiful. Spotlights both for the main lighting, but also as an auxiliary light source.

1. The advantages of spotlights

1) good security: solid light source, no inflatable, no glass bulb.

2) long life: 5-8 million hours.

3) power small luminous efficiency: generally 3W in the following power, Spot Light photoelectric conversion efficiency.

4) rich colors: a variety of colors. Can meet a variety of color lighting.

5) high-level: the third generation of light revolution, Spot Light high technology content, flexible, easy to drive control.

6) small size and light weight: light-emitting diode is a micro-light source.

7) environmental protection: waste devices without heavy metal pollution, conducive to the environment.

Spotlights in the purchase of the time need to pay attention to what the problem

In the purchase of spotlights, but also to see their own home where the place can be placed spotlights, or home hanging ceiling, then, will be arranged in the ceiling around some of the spotlights, if the background wall at home, in the decoration process is also To arrange some spotlights, spotlights in the purchase of the time need to pay attention to the choice of color, Spot Light and to learn the color of the match, to allow themselves to get more color, but also to see the darkness, lighting decoration for the brightness There is a certain demand, the market has a lot of spotlights, spotlights prices are different.

Spotlights need to consider when the color of the mix

People say that the color of the spotlight is colorful, only with a fresh spotlights will feel very warm, so people for the requirements of the spotlights and spotlights brand should also consider some of the more in the decoration of the time You can add some indoor color, Spot Light the overall look at the room not too monotonous, and this will feel too different, will affect the overall sense of decoration, if the elderly live, then the color is not too bright, in general, with light yellow , Or lavender can, the room needs some warmth can be.

Spotlights in use with the match

Spotlights in the use of the wall according to the color and interior style to set, but also with the surrounding room with, do not always take into account the high price of light, Spot Light be sure to decorate their own style and special and to highlight the neat Color, with warm colors, such as some light yellow color can be considered, highlight the warm theme.