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Spotlights The Use Of High Home Jul 05, 2017

Spotlights are mainly installed in the ceiling around the top of the furniture, or placed in the wall, wall or skirting line. Used to highlight the aesthetic role, highlight the sense of hierarchy, manufacturing atmosphere, both on the overall lighting from the leading role, but also local lighting. From the application position to see the downlights are generally installed in the ceiling, the general ceiling need to be installed in more than 150mm. Of course, Spot Light downlight also has an external type. It is a good choice to install a downlight in an area without a dome or chandelier, and the light is softer relative to the spotlight.

Spotlight is a highly condensed lamp, the light irradiation has a specific target can be specified, mainly for special lighting, such as emphasizing a very taste or very innovative place, in addition to the use of the living room, many jewelry Shop, jewelry shop will be used. Downlight is more than ordinary lighting fixtures with a condenser, mostly for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. In contrast, the downlight is more practical, Spot Light and the spotlight is mainly used for decoration, its practicality is not normal. In addition, LED downlight uniform light, not dazzling, and LED lighting is relatively concentrated light, strong brightness, we can choose according to their own personal favorite.

The use of spotlights or downlights, according to the living room ceiling shape and function to choose. According to the shape to choose, you need to pay attention to the following questions: If the living room ceiling is a straight line edge modeling, both can be. However, from the construction of the degree of difficulty, the spotlights than the downlight save trouble; if it is the edge of the arc shape of the ceiling, it is recommended to use the light belt. From the function of choice, if only to do modeling the background lights, ignoring the lighting needs and only played against the role of the background, then choose the light slightly weaker and more soft spotlights, Spot Light if the brightness of the lighting requirements, The Xiaobian proposal, in the spotlights and downlights, to install the relay, so that according to the living room to adjust the use of indoor brightness, it is energy saving Oh.

If the home living room with a gypsum board ceiling, from the material point of view, spotlights and downlights can be used. Need to pay special attention to is to carry out a certain color match. Light source selection cool or warm, need to be based on the living room overall color and atmosphere to measure, cool white is mainly white light, warm mostly "yellow" light source. The reason why the light spot in the young people living in the home high rate, because of its warm performance, can play a very good embellishment effect. Light source shot to the TV backdrop, cabinets, the effect is very beautiful, this is the downlight can not match. The pursuit of environmental protection and energy conservation in the elderly, the more inclined to light and save the power of the downlight.