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Strong Antistatic Ability Of LED Lamp Jul 17, 2017

LED lights have entered millions of households, more and more people inside the choice LED lights, but if the purchase, improper installation, LED light easily affect the eyesight of people, so want to have a healthy and comfortable light environment, in the selection of LED lights can not be sloppy. This issue of small series on the details of what is LED lights and led performance, together to understand it.

The effect of LED light on health

The most consumer concern is the use of LED lights health problems, the use of long time on the eyes have an impact? LED light brightness, luminous angle and so on.

Luminous angle: According to the use of different, LED lights of the luminous angle is also different, so in the selection of the time to pay attention to the use to select, led light such as the top of the wall with the diffuse angle of the LED lamp, do not avoid this angle of light fixtures installed in the book and bedside, so as not

LED lamp brightness: The LED lamp for LED should conform to the level of Ⅰ class standards. 1W LED lamp =3w Energy-saving lamp =15w incandescent lamps, the higher the number of watts on the impact of visual acuity, so do not blindly select the high number of watts LED lights.

Wafer led light-emitting: LED Chip also has a distinction between quality and price, the average U.S. and Japanese imports of chip prices; more expensive, and the quality of the chip to ensure that a little inferior to the United States and Japan.

Second, the performance of LED lights

LED lamp performance is also the most concerned about the selection of consumers, the size of the chip, lamp life and wavelength, etc., as a lamp with the understanding and the pursuit of the people, led light these knowledge must be clear.

Chip size: LED lamp chip size is generally length said, led light large-chip led quality than small chips better.

Wavelength consistent: wavelength affect the color of LED lights, consistent color wavelength, some no led separation of light color analyzer manufacturers, in production difficult to produce pure color LED lights, so choose the best choice when large brands, large manufacturers.

Life is different: Life is also the selection of LED lamp most often concerned about the point of life by the light of the lamp, LED light decay is the LED after a period of time after the light, led light its intensity will be lower than the original light, and the lower part is LED light failure. Light decay small, long life.

Third, the safety of LED lights

Although the LED light is not bulky items, but also need to use electricity, so in practical security can not be ignored.

Leakage current: As the LED lamp is one-way conductive light-emitting body, so if the LED has a reverse current, that is, leakage current is too large, led life will also be reduced, led light and will affect the use of security, easy to cause short-circuit and so on.

LED light colloid: Generally speaking, led colloid is epoxy resin, in the selection of the time you can choose to add anti-ultraviolet and fire-retardant products, although the price is higher, led light but the use of these features LED lamp safety has also improved.

Antistatic ability: Led and other antistatic ability, life also longer, in general, led light antistatic more than 700V led can be used for LED lights.