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The Effect Of The Corn Lantern Festival Is Obvious Oct 27, 2017

The corn lamp is called the fourth generation illumination light source or the green light source, has the energy saving, the environmental protection, the long life, the small size and so on the characteristic, may widely use in each kind of instruction, the display, the decoration, the backlight, Corn Light the ordinary illumination and the city night scene and so on domain

Corn lamp because of its shape like corn and named, the use of LED light-emitting source. Corn lamp with seismic, impact resistance, no heat radiation, safe and stable characteristics, applicable to home, guesthouses, schools, hospitals and other places of lighting.

The corn lamp is one kind of LED lamp, because the LED maximum luminous angle is 120 degrees, considering the luminous uniformity, the special design is 360 degrees luminous, Corn Light its shape is like the corn stick, especially called the Corn lamp.

Corn lamp function

Light body small, suitable for domestic common lamp caps (E27 lamp, B22 lamp, E14 lamp), easy to install; Fashionable, sophisticated technology, product serialization, fully play the LED light source energy-saving environmental protection, do not produce any waste.

Application of corn Lamp

1, the use of LED solid light source, no glass shell, Corn Light tungsten wire and other vulnerable components, withstand the shock, the use of common E27 commonly used interface, can be directly installed in the commonly used AC 86V to 265V interface, easy to use, safe.

2, energy-saving effect is obvious, power is 2.5W LED lighting, brightness equivalent to 40W incandescent bulbs, energy-saving 80%.

3, unique cooling design technology to make LED light source life of up to 50,000 hours, Corn Light the overall lamp life does not need to replace the light source, maintenance costs are very low.

4, no bad glare, no stroboscopic. It eliminates the glare, Corn Light visual fatigue and sight disturbance caused by the negative glare of traditional lamps.

5, start without delay, Corn Light power to reach the normal brightness, no waiting, switch times can reach more than million. The corn bulbs are suitable for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, corridors, halls, stations, industrial buildings, residences, hotels, restaurants and other lighting places that need to create a warm environment.