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The EU Issued A Consumer Warning To China-made LED Lighting Oct 24, 2017

The EU issued a consumer warning to China-made LED lighting

2017-01-24 10:37 Source: PokerJoker Follow Share Join from Media Correction Subscribe

On January 20, 2017, the European Commission's non-food rapid warning system (RAPEX) issued a consumer warning (early warning number: A12 / 0038/16) for Chinese-made LED spotlights.

The author from Jiangsu Wujiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that on January 20, 2017, the European Commission non-food rapid warning system (RAPEX) on China-made LED lighting issued a consumer warning (early warning number: A12 / 0038/16). The notified country is Finland. The notified product is LED spotlight (LED bulb), white carton packaging, which is close to the identification card and energy-saving labels. Product style / model for the CPS-DP-GU10-04 / KY216730150511. The Organization for Economic Co - operation and Development (OECD Portal Category) is 78000000 - Electrical Supplies.

The reason why the EU warns consumers is that the insulation between the contactable parts of the spotlights and the live parts is insufficient. The product can be opened without a tool. So it may cause the spotlight to be damaged if the live parts are touched and damaged. The product does not comply with the requirements of the EU Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European Standard EN 62560.

Wujiang region has a number of lighting products manufacturing enterprises, especially LED lights, the annual export trade volume up to 10 million yuan, the EU is one of the important markets. So the relevant export enterprises should be highly valued. Jiangsu Wujiang inspection and quarantine departments to remind LED lighting production enterprises: First, the development and design of LED lighting, not only to consider the product shape and function, but also to pay attention to the importing country inspection standards; second is to strengthen the source of raw and auxiliary materials control, Especially the insulation materials and live parts management, from the source to ensure product quality and safety; Third, the configuration of security testing facilities, if necessary, with third-party testing agencies, inspection and quarantine departments of the technical strength to ensure that products meet the standard requirements.