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The Light Is Soft Jul 17, 2017

Spotlights are typical without the main lamp, the scale of modern school lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, the light can change the wonderful pattern. Because the small spotlights can freely transform the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also changing. Spotlights light soft, elegant, it can also local lighting, foil atmosphere.

The spotlights can be placed in the ceiling for four weeks or on top of the furniture, or in the wall, dado or kicking line. Direct illumination of the light in the need to emphasize the utensils, to highlight the subjective aesthetic role, to achieve a prominent focus, unique environment, rich levels, rich atmosphere, Spot Light colorful artistic effects. Spotlights light soft, elegant, can not only play a leading role in the overall lighting, but also local lighting, foil atmosphere.

Spotlight Classification:

Under irradiation

Can be installed in the ceiling, bedside, cabinets, but also can be hung, landing, hanging, divided into two types of Tibetan and half-Tibetan. The characteristic of the illumination lamp is that the light source makes local irradiation and free scattering. The light source is closed in the lampshade, its shape has the tube-type under the light, the sleeve type under the light, the flowerpot type under the light, Spot Light the concave trough under the light and the next screen wall lamp and so on, may be installed in the porch, the living room, the bedroom. For example, near the TV set a green porcelain mask under the wall lamp, both a considerable amount of clear and does not affect watching TV. Sculpture modeling above a set of tube-type under the light, you can draw the eyes of the people to art, easy to taste. Choose the light, tile number should not be too big, only to illuminate, not glare.

Rail spotlights

Most of the metal spray or ceramic material production, has white, beige, light gray, gold, silver, black and other tones; The beam projected by the spotlights can be concentrated in a painting, a sculpture, a potted plant, a pieces of fine furnishings, etc., Spot Light also can be photographed in the bedroom owner sitting on the back of the swivel chair, creating a colorful, romantic charm of the magic effect. Can be used in the living room, porch or bedroom, study. Can be set one or more, spotlights the shape and hue, as far as possible with the overall design of the room to harmonize. The rails are $number centimeters below the ceiling and can also be mounted at the top of the ceiling by the wall.

Laser light

Cold-emitting light function features: cold, will not be the object of the heat radiation, to ensure that the goods do not heat damage, glare-proof light, light projection angle precision, Spot Light will not produce light pollution, energy saving power. Long life, normal use within one years if there is no light, you can replace the new light free of charge, no strobe, Spot Light so that people's eyes will not produce fatigue.

It is a good idea to mix different types and quantities of spotlights at home to create another interesting style.