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Title: 2017 LED Lighting Lighting Price Trends Oct 31, 2017

Asia-Pacific lighting media that 2017 LED lighting lighting price trends are: Increases! The reason is as follows:

1. Changes in supply and demand. Economic restructuring, industry reshuffle, eliminate backward production capacity and a series of factors, resulting in the strength of visionary enterprises survive, most of the lack of strength or keep up with the pace of development of the enterprise was eliminated, resulting in increased demand.

The return of value. A few years ago between the peer to the price as the main means of competition, in order to retain customers, for orders, many companies are in the profit margins or even low loss of the state "wins" out of competition. Now, the means of competition has changed, the product prices should rise to a reasonable level.

3. Development needs of national conditions. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement in the international status, and now, many domestic brand strength has been able to replace some of the international brand market share, we choose to start from the low cost of foreign products tend to cost-effective domestic products.

4. Industry chain joint relationship. Because the upstream raw material prices, enterprises to protect the profit margins, will certainly be a certain price adjustment, therefore, LED price increases and the performance of the industry chain from top to bottom order of repeated price increases process.

5. Renminbi depreciation. The recent devaluation of the renminbi is actually a manifestation of inflation, while the cost of labor and other costs to enhance the impact of price itself reached its historical period.