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Title: LED Lighting Intelligent Automated Manufacturing Gradually Replace The Artificial Production Nov 04, 2017

Large enterprises are beginning to move towards intelligent, automated manufacturing!

The future of the global economy to maintain a strong competitive edge, in addition to the complete industrial chain, the equipment is an important aspect. China as the first exporting country of labor, but with the rising labor costs year after year, China's labor cost advantage is gradually lost, many large enterprises began to consider the intelligent alternative to the production model. Therefore, LED companies are faced with manufacturing challenges, cost control, automation and other new challenges, but also brought more new opportunities.


High-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing is the national "thirteen five" strategic emerging industry planning the most important, the future with the production line automation, intelligent upgrade, more equipment manufacturing enterprises will become system integrators, Not just stand-alone equipment R & D and manufacturing, more will be from the intelligent production lines, digital factories and other angles to provide the overall solution.

On the field of semiconductor lighting, many companies attach great importance to intelligent manufacturing, information technology, artificial replacement has long been the practice. Such as Jingke Electronics through the industrial 4.0 automation equipment to reduce the manual participation in production to reduce labor costs, while optimizing the internal network and management platform to improve the entire production efficiency and production output. Sunshine lighting implementation of the "machine substitutions", such as the effectiveness of the reduction. With the cost of raw materials and labor costs brought about by reducing the cost of pressure, will promote more enterprises to automate the transformation of the production line.